Mission Statement

Mission-Group Revi

The Watermen Project’s mission is for men and women, who are passionate about the sea to volunteer to be of service to inspire respect, preserve, conserve and demonstrate a love for all things in the ocean. The success of the mission is measured by the impact that these men and women have in educating children and young people about the importance of conserving our oceans as well as assisting scientists with their research targets whose results will also contribute to ocean conservation.

Our Goal: Our goal in general is to be involved with any activity aiming at marine conservation. Our NPO therefore actively contributes to scientific and empiric research whereby the goal is to study the marine environment in order to protect and conserve it. More specifically, any activity aiming at protecting large marine species such as sharks, whales, etc. These activities are carried out using a respectful approach through the use of breath-hold diving. In order to ensure the long-term success of the Project, our NPO will aim to raise substantial multi-year financial commitments to ensure longevity and sustainability. The goal of THE WATERMEN PROJECT is to become a focused learning and practical experience platform for research projects that require highly skilled free-divers as well as provide the opportunity to teach students with a special interest and passion about how to protect our planet. It is the overall arching objective of THE WATERMEN PROJECT to help prepare, mentor, guide and motivate future generations to act as either leaders or supporters to the mission of protecting our oceans.