Join Expeditions

For some scientific expeditions THE WATERMEN PROJECT offers spots for interested and enthusiastic individuals who want to be an active part of shark research and conservation.
Joining an expedition does not only give you an insight into our field work, it also helps to make it even possible. The participants’ contributions are important to cover some of the costs for the boat which is so indispensable for research in remote places. For more information on our expenses and how your contribution/donation can make a difference click here.

Depending on the location and type of expedition we are conducting, participants are going to have the chance to take part in some of the following activities:

Guadalupe Island:
- Surface Cage Diving with Great White Sharks
- Submersible Cage Diving with Great White Sharks
- Great opportunities for underwater photography
- Witnessing our divers tag and interact with Great White Sharks on breath-hold

Revillagigedo Islands:
- Scuba-Diving / Freediving with Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Giant Manta Rays, Galapagos Sharks, Silvertip Reef Sharks
- Possible encounters with Whale Sharks, Bottlenose Dolphins and Humpback Whales

- Freediving and interacting with Great Hammerhead Sharks and Reef Sharks
- Freediving courses
- Shark interaction courses
- Marine biology & shark biology presentations by scientists from renowned Bimini Field Station

On all of our expeditions participants will obviously get an insight into our expedition team’s work:
What’s the research goal of the expedition?
What tags are being used and how do they work?
What tagging methods are being used?
What’s the equipment needed, how is it prepared?
What’s important when interacting/diving with a specific species?
As well, the joining scientists will educate about their specific research field and the studies undertaken during and after the expedition. Of course our team is always open to answer any questions.
If you are interested in joining an expedition to become a part of The Watermen Project, click here. You will be informed about upcoming expeditions and whether they are open to join for the public.

(We do get many requests regarding expeditions. Note that we don’t have the time & resources, yet, to respond to emails regarding specific expeditions, unless it is for scientific collaboration. Therefore we ask you to sign up as described above.)