Scientific Expeditions

THE WATERMEN PROJECT provides a research platform for researchers and scientists alike. Researchers and scientists can broaden their knowledge by gathering data on sharks and large marine animals that will allow them to establish their reproduction, migratory and behavioral patterns throughout the world. This knowledge is essential to, for instance, sway governments to pass legislation banning shark trade and to create large no-fishing zones to avoid a complete collapse of fish stock.

These scientific expeditions headed by THE WATERMEN PROJECT will provide participating students with an educational platform through the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of how the survival of sharks and other large marine apex predators are essential in keeping the oceans in balance because they are at the top of the marine food chain. The access to practical experience that is offered to the students is unprecedented and can only impact positively the objective of the project, as a core guiding principle of the THE WATERMEN PROJECT is the importance of practical learning beyond knowledge acquired in a class room or document.

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THE WATERMEN PROJECT upcoming scientific expeditions:
2015, To be announced