The Project

THE WATERMEN PROJECT is a non-profit organization founded pursuant to Article 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code, dedicated to ocean conservation. Founded by William WINRAM in January 2012, it’s registered in Geneva, Switzerland.

This NPO’s primary focus is, but not limited to, shark conservation. In general, THE WATERMEN PROJECT supports all activity aimed at marine conservation. It contributes actively to scientific and empirical research which aims to study the marine environment for the purpose of protecting and conserving it, in order to preserve and improve its biodiversity. More specifically, all activity aiming at protecting all species of large marine animals, such as whales, sharks, etc.

The respectful approach to these marine species is applied through the use of breath-hold diving.


Questions & Answers with the founder

Passion for the sea

William’s father ca. 1960 near Vancouver, British-Columbia, Canada

Q: Where does the name THE WATERMEN PROJECT come from?
A: From a very young age I was instilled with a sense of service and duty for the ocean by my father who was a scuba instructor and a Search and Rescue diver. WATERMEN feel at one with the ocean, respect all the creatures within it and live in peace with their home. It is what connects them and it is what drives them. It is also what separates them from those who view the oceans solely as a resource for exploitation. WATERMEN develop and use their skills to educate, preserve and protect, ensuring future generations can experience the oceans the way they do. I consider myself one of those people.

Q: What triggered you to commit yourself to such a project?
A: Honestly, this was a natural evolution. I saw that there was a need for our skills as well as financial support and I felt we could bridge a gap between science and the general public.

Q: Why concentrate on the Education part?
A: Education is crucial if we are to help people to understand the importance of preserving our oceans for future generations. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future decision makers.

Q: Why concentrate on the scientific part?
A: It’s an important step to supporting that certain species require protection.

Q: Before THE WATERMEN PROJECT how did you lend yourself to the support of the oceans?
A: Since a young age I was taught to only take what I needed from the sea. I have given myself to numerous small projects like beach clean ups. When I was heavily involved in retail operations, I worked closely with suppliers and manufacturers to reduce unnecessary packaging, plastics and waste. We also educated our young consumer base on the importance of leaving the beach cleaner than when you found it.

Q: What are your future plans and targets?
A: To continue to develop programs in support of scientists and their research, to expand our scholarships offerings for young people in order that more of them can join us on expeditions.

To educate and inspire others in the respectful exploration of the sea is very much the heart and soul of THE WATERMEN PROJECT.