Michèle MONICO

Michele underwaterMichele Portrait

Michèle is a passionate woman with interests in the fields of human health and environmental conservation. Like many, Michèle discovered breath-hold diving through the movie “Le Grand Bleu”, though back when the movie came out, she was terrified of water. Today, she has conquered her fear of the deep and you will most likely find her under water, hard at play with the element. Michèle is a business manager who writes for websites related to freediving, health & nature conservation. In 2009, she took her involvement in freediving one step further by taking responsibilities as a board member of the Canadian freediving federation AIDA Canada. Though she is an AIDA International judge for freediving competition, she favours recreational freediving as a tool to connect with the underwater world. Born and raised in land-locked Switzerland, she became actively involved in ocean conservation in 2002 after she first visited the Big Island in Hawaii. In 2010, she started to look for funding in aid of ocean conservation and co-founded THE WATERMEN PROJET with William Winram.

Michèle currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland. She holds a BSc (Hon) in Biology from the University of Waterloo, Canada (1997).

For THE WATERMEN PROJECT, Michèle lends her expertise in administrative management as well as project development.

Angelos METAXA

Angelos underwaterAngelos Portrait

Angelos is an entrepreneur who is currently involved in ventures in the field of Real Estate with a focus in Europe and the USA. Prior to this he was a Founding Partner of Capital Management Advisors Group (“CMA”), an alternative investments firm, specializing in multi-manager hedge fund portfolios. CMA was acquired in 2006 by EFG International (“EFGI”), a global private banking group with assets under management of over US$100 billion. Angelos is a Board Member of the Institute for Global Leadership (“IGL”) at Tufts University, USA, which is a cross-school program emphasizing rigorous academic preparation and experiential learning. Angelos is a co-Founding Sponsor of the Empower Program at IGL whose objective is to help educate, mentor, guide and motivate future social entrepreneurs, defining social entrepreneurship as activities that benefit humankind. Angelos is a Patron of Children Action, a Swiss Foundation that was created in February 1994 with the objective of helping children around the world without making any distinctions on nationality, race or religion. Children Action primarily focuses on medical operations and psychological issues. In the last 16 years Children Action has built a solid track record of helping children with projects that span from Argentina, France, Peru, Roumania, Switzerland and Vietnam.
Angelos and his wife and two children currently live in Geneva, Switzerland where he enjoys the most of the Alps as he is a passionate skier. Angelos holds a BA in Economics from Tufts University, USA (1991).

For THE WATERMEN PROJECT, Angelos lends his expertise in social entrepreneurship and fundraising.