Webinar with CWF

Project type: Webinar
Date: January 15, 2014 – 1:15-1:45pm (EST)
Location: Bimini, Bahamas
Project target: To engage young students in a discussion about freediving and sharks.
Team: William Winram and webinar host Dr Sean Brilliant, CWF Marine Programs Manager
Participants to webinar: grade 4-6 students from north America.

On January 15, 2014, while on location of the recent shark tagging expedition, THE WATERMEN PROJECT founder and team member William Winram will be engaging his favourite crowd on the subject of freediving and sharks.

From the CWF website:
Educators and students are invited to join the Canadian Wildlife Federation for a wild webinar featuring Canadian free diver William Winram live from Bimini area of the Bahamas where tagging of Hammerhead sharks is underway. Winram is a world record-holding free diver and shark researcher! He will explain how shark tagging is done and discuss the valuable information that tagging provides.

This webinar is also a great opportunity for students to learn more about sharks that live in Canadian waters, many of which are threatened with extinction. Participants will also engage with the CWF Salt Water Cities Kids’ Project and connect with CWF Marine Programs Manager Sean Brillant.

On the agenda:

* Welcome and introduction by webinar host Dr. Sean Brillant, CWF Marine Programs Manager
* Making it real: Canadian Free diver and shark researcher William Winram will speak about his incredible experiences tagging sharks and his adventures as a free diver, as well as about the shark research revealed by his work
* Discussion about Canadian sharks, shark tagging and their conservation
* Q & A session with the students and teachers

The Watermen Project's first websinar - Kindly hosted by the Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Watermen Project’s first webinar – Kindly hosted by the Canadian Wildlife Federation

Sharks in the City of Lights

Project type: Conference, Movie projection
Date: January 08, 2014 – 7:30pm
Location: House of the Oceans, Paris, France
Project target: To acquaint the general public with the true nature of sharks and their necessity to exist and be protected
Team: Fred Buyle
Participants to conference: up to 500

In the heart of Paris, between the Panthéon and the Sorbonne, the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco proudly boasts a Florentine Palace, the House of the Oceans, founded by Prince Albert Ist and inaugurated in 1911. Every second Wednesday of the month, a public audience is welcome in its Amphitheater for a conference.


On Wednesday January 8th, THE WATERMEN PROJECT team member Fred Buyle will have the pleasure to kick off this year’s round of conferences with a presentation titled ‘How to Reconciliate Humans and Sharks?‘.


For the occasion, the audience will also have the priviledge to watch the movie Great White Shark 3D in its first projection in French outside of North America.

Great White Shark and William Winram - artwork based on photography by Fred Buyle

Great White Shark and William Winram – artwork based on photography by Fred Buyle

Happy New Year

Project type: Expedition
Dates: January 4-10, 2014
Location: Bimini, Bahamas
Base: Land
Project target: placing acoustic tags on Great Hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna mokarran)
Lead scientist: Dr. Tristan Guttridge
Tagging team: William Winram, Andrea Zuccari safety diver
Participants: eight from age 5 to 51
Sea life: abundant

Dr Tristan Guttridge observing his favourite subject, the Great hammerhead shark - photo William Winram

Dr Tristan Guttridge observing his favourite subject, the Great hammerhead shark – photo William Winram

This is the first tagging expedition of the year !

It’s also the first land-based expedition since the beginning of THE WATERMEN PROJECT which is a good thing because most of the participants were affected by the massive snow storm which has paralyzed many airports on the East coast of the USA.

Field updates will be posted on our facebook page.